Lita knows eyebrows better than anyone else. Regardless of what your natural shape, thickness or colour may be, she devotes the attention and detail required to expertly groom your brows to your exact requirements.  It takes time to regrow your brows from over-tweezing but with patience it is possible for some to repair the damage.

You may require customised corrective colour techniques to correct old tattooed eyebrows that are uneven or have faded due to time and sun exposure or use of actives in skin care.  Lita will discuss your corrective work and give you options as to how to plan to achieve your brow goals.


Often clients come to Lita to correct their eyebrows after having visited other salons or trying to tweeze them themselves and she has become an expert in rescuing eyebrows that have been damaged or improperly shaped.

Lita also offers eyebrow tinting, henna colour and eyelash tinting to complement her eyebrow shaping work. 

If you require a more permanent change, Lita excels in cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows and eye lines, so this is always a great option available, as well. 


Lita specialises in eyebrow microblading, the feathertouch brow technique and machine work such as Ombre, Mist and Full Powder brow styles. Her signature “fine line” eyeliners are gaining popularity with natural beauty achievers. These are perfect choices for those who cannot wear makeup, who want their features enhanced, or someone who simply wants to look and feel their best at all times. Semi-permanent makeup is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to look great with little or no effort. Lita can permanently enhance eyebrows and eyes to exact specifications at her Darlinghurst studio and offers the best eyebrow and eyeliner  cosmetic tattooing in Sydney.  Most recently she has added new Lip Blush and Full Lip tattoo techniques to the menu.  


To Eyebrow Tattoo, or not to Eyebrow Tattoo.

Have you ever thought about getting your eyebrows tattooed?  You start to imagine yourself being able to wake up and run out the door with the perfect shaped brow… perfect brows at the gym… perfect brows straight after a shower… It’s a no no-brainer, right?

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