Lita specialises in eyebrow microblading, microfeathering and microshading, and eyeliner tattooing. This is a perfect choice for those who cannot wear makeup, who want their features enhanced, or someone who simply wants to look and feel their best at all times. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to look great with little or no effort. Lita can permanently enhance eyebrows and eye lines to exact specifications at her Darlinghurst studio, and offers the best eyebrow and eye line cometic tattooing in Sydney.

Lita has the latest technology and methods available to use extremely fine and exact drawing techniques, which consistently provide long lasting and exceptionally natural looking results for her clients. Lita’s finely honed techniques involve shading and creating hairlike strokes to create an unbelievably natural looking eyebrow.

Without a doubt, and as many of her loyal clients will attest, there is simply no one else that does cosmetic tattooing like Lita. In addition to eyebrow tattooing, Lita also specialises in permanent eyeliner, which is a bespoke treatment, made to order, and tailored to suit your needs and anatomy. A full consultation is included prior to the procedure.

Whether you are looking for permanent eyeliner, thicker eyebrows (as is the current trend), or thinner eyebrows, or anything in between, Lita can help. 

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